Welcome to Freedom Library Club

A private membership organization dedicated to the joy of reading and life long learning for all ages.

Freedom library is a volunteer-run club dedicated to creating social spaces for learners of all ages to associate and enjoy one another’s company. 

Freedom Library members create learning communities, where students can study together in a supportive environment.  Some people call freedom Libraries home school co-ops, other people call Freedom Libraries learning pods or microschools. We have at times called ourselves just a learning club.

Our very first location is in downtown Placerville! Freedom Libraries are entirely member-supported.

Freedom Library is a 501(c)7 Social Recreational Club and is entirely member-supported. Freedom Library will happily accept your donations, but is not authorized to provide tax a deducible receipt.  

We are not a daycare, younger members require adult supervision.  If parents are unable to provide supervision, then consider opting in to the Parent Co-Op.

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